Donald Trump GRAND SLAM Speech! 360 degree VIEW

Donald Trump GRAND SLAM Speech! 360 degree VIEW


Donald Trump GRAND SLAM Speech! 360 degree VIEW

360 LIVE on Stage With Donald J. Trump | 2016 Republican National Convention

Donald Trump flattened his opponents in New York’s Republican primary Tuesday night. What was it like when he gave his victory speech in front of a home field crowd? The Trump campaign put out a 360-degree video so you can see what was going on in the room.

Click the video to make it start, then hold and drag your mouse over the screen.

CLEVELAND – Two outs, bases loaded, and Trump hit a grand slam homer. That is my impression of the favorable reaction of the 10,000 people in the Quicken Loans Arena on the final evening to the Republican National Convention. Favorable is probably an understatement, because the crowd was wildly enthusiastic, hanging onto every word of Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump.

Trump was introduced by his oldest daughter, Ivanka, whose articulate introduction of her father was well-received. As expected, Trump fed his audience the raw meat they hungered for and served it up in huge chunks. The 75-minute speech addressed the primary concerns of most Republicans.

Candidate Trump was unequivocal when he assured the delegates, alternate delegates, guests and a national television audience that safety was his primary concern. He pointed to the television cameras and loudly proclaimed himself to be the “Law and order candidate.” He said that if our nation did not insist upon adherence to the “rule of law,” it could not also be economically successful.

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