STATE MEDIA in the United States of America – DESPICABLE!

STATE MEDIA in the United States of America – DESPICABLE!


STATE MEDIA in the United States of America – DESPICABLE!

We might as call our media network PRAVDA.

State media or state-owned media is media for mass communication which is “controlled financially and editorially by the state.” These news outlets may be the sole media outlet or may exist in competition with corporate and non-corporate media.

State media is not to be confused with public-sector media. Public-sector media is “funded directly or indirectly by the state, but over which the state does not have tight editorial control.”

The term state media is primarily understood in contrast to corporate media, and occasionally non-corporate independent news. Which has no direct control from any political party.

Its content, according to some sources, is usually more prescriptive, telling the audience what to think. Particularly as it is under no pressure to attract high ratings or generate advertising revenue. Therefore may cater to the forces in control of the state as opposed to the forces in control of the corporation, as described in the propaganda model of the mass media.

In more controlled regions, the state may censor content which it deems illegal, immoral or unfavorable to the government. Likewise regulate any programming related to the media; therefore, it is not independent of the governing party.

In this type of environment, journalists may be required to be members or affiliated with the ruling party, such as in the former Soviet Union or North Korea.

Within countries that have high levels of government interference in the media, it may use the state press for propaganda purposes:
  • to promote the regime in a favorable light,
  • vilify opposition to the government by launching smear campaigns
  • giving skewed coverage to opposition views, or
  • act as a mouthpiece to advocate a regime’s ideology.

Additionally, the state-controlled media may only report on legislation after it has already become law to stifle any debate. The media legitimizes its presence by emphasizing “national unity” against domestic or foreign “aggressors”.

In more open and competitive contexts, the state may control or fund its own outlet and is in competition with opposition-controlled and/or independent media. The state media usually have less government control in more open societies and can provide more balanced coverage than media outside of state control.

State media outlets usually enjoy increased funding and subsides compared to private media counterparts, but this can create inefficiency in the state media.

However, in the People’s Republic of China, where state control of the media is high, levels of funding have been reduced for state outlets, which have forced the Party media to sidestep official restrictions on content or publish “soft” editions, such as weekend editions, to generate income.

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