JFK Assassination – Leigh Scott’s Conjecture

    JFK Assassination - Leigh Scott's Conjecture The biggest reveal of the Kennedy stuff is that the government is most interested in
    JFK Assassination - Leigh Scott's Conjecture The biggest reveal of the Kennedy stuff is that the government is most interested in

    JFK Assassination – Leigh Scott’s Conjecture

    The biggest reveal of the Kennedy stuff is that the government is most interested in creating and maintaining a narrative. It’s not set up for actual justice.

    Most of the documents people are getting excited over are just reports of things people said. Not really evidence. It’s like Reading reports from the Vegas shooting in 50 years and seeing a report that a woman who was there reported shots coming from two directions.

    But these documents do a great job of moving from conjecture into fact many things we always sort of “knew” about the era, but people denied. The mob WAS in tight with the government. Not just the CIA, but the DNC. We were aggressively trying to kill Castro and overthrow his regime using the Mob and all sorts of unsavory types.

    The bulk of the “rumors” and legends surrounding the assassination, and the Kennedy administration, are largely accurate.

    So, what happened?

    I think it’s clear that there was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy. That doesn’t mean that the government was involved, just numerous people planned it and executed it. But, since the CIA was this (is this?) amorphous, unethical, unaccountable confederation of weirdos and megalomaniacs; were CIA people involved in this conspiracy? Probably. Were people in the government and the DNC not too broken up about Kennedy being offed? Probably. It was a situation very similar to Trump today. Kennedy was hated by everybody because he represented a different point of view and an agenda in many ways.

    I think Oswald was the loony, Commie drifter. He wasn’t mentally stable. He wasn’t a CIA or FBI agent. Just your run of the mill, leftist moron. He would be the leader of an Antifa chapter today and would be getting destroyed on FOX by Tucker Carlson on a weekly basis. He hated Kennedy because he was so anti-Communist and against Oswald’s beloved Castro brothers.

    Jack Ruby was a low level, Jewish gangster in an Italian crime family. Desperate to impress the higher ups in Chicago and New York, he knew how bitter the mob was at the Kennedy brothers. After all, the Mafia had delivered JFK the election and he and Bobby repaid them by unleashing the DOJ against organized crime. Plus, the Kennedys had promised the mob, in return for rigging the election, to get Cuba back for them. He had failed to do so and was now moving away from doing anything about Castro.

    J.D. Tippit was the poster boy for the all-American man of the 1950s and 60s. WW2 veteran, family man, police officer. Religious and very conservative, the only thing he hated more than Communists were degenerates and sex perverts. Like them Kennedy boys. While everyone thinks Kennedy was beloved because of the way the media treats him, he wasn’t. He barely won in 1960 and “Camelot” was an embarrassment to close to half of the country.

    “Them Kennedy boys, running around, smiling for the cameras. They don’t know what they’re doing. Catholic fools. Their Daddy was a criminal and a Nazi, they’re soft on Communism and it’s disgusting the way they run around with all them Hollywood types. Who does he think he’s fooling? Sleeping with Marilyn Monroe and bringing her to the White House in front of his wife and children. That man is a disgusting, spoiled menace. What kind of America are we gonna have with him in charge?”

    So, Tippit and Ruby meet through the Dallas Police chief. Ruby was tight with the cops and the files even mention Ruby’s “Fixer” who was actually a mob/police liaison that reported directly to Ruby. Both Ruby and Tippit want Kennedy dead.

    They don’t have a perfect plan, but Ruby has associates who work with both the mob and the CIA. One of them, offhandedly and over beers, explains how HE would kill Kennedy using three shooters to triangulate the assassination, putting Kennedy in a “Kill Box”. This would make it almost impossible to determine where the shots were coming from and almost impossible to defend against. Even if one assailant is compromised, you still have two more chances.

    For the third gunmen, they select Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald is easily outsmarted and charmed by these two. A Jewish gangster and and English/Irish cop vs. a Communist defector with French ancestry? Come on. Oswald doesn’t have a chance. He’s probably also excited to have friends and access to stuff that the popular kids get like drugs, alcohol and whores. Oswald’s wife said that he was getting increasingly distant and quiet before the assassination. Probably not because he was obsessed with Kennedy, but because he was out til 4 AM with his new friends and a stripper named Domino.

    But a lot of people come and go through Ruby’s nightclub. And remember that Jack was doing it for the attention and to gain praise within the Family. So, over time, Oswald becomes exposed to much of Ruby’s network and connections.

    Tippit already hates Oswald because he’s a Commie stooge, and Ruby is worried that Oswald while sing like a bird if caught or questioned. So, they finalize the plan to make Oswald the patsy. After the assassination, Tippit is going kill Oswald while Oswald is on his way to their post-assassination meeting place. The case will be solved, and Tippit gets the added bonus of killing both Kennedy AND the man who killed Kennedy!

    So, on that November morning, Oswald takes his place in the Book Depository, Tippit parks his squad car near the grassy knoll and Jack Ruby posts up in the Dal-Tex building. Ruby misses, striking the pavement near the Limo. Oswald gets off one shot that hits Kennedy and Governor Connally. But it’s Tippit, the WW2 paratrooper and bronze star recipient who has the clean and clear shot. Without remorse, he pulls the trigger and kills the President.

    To him, another act of service to his country.

    In the chaos nobody thinks a cop running to his car carrying a rifle is odd. In fact, it’s probably reassuring. Tippit then heads to meet Oswald at the predetermined meeting spot.

    Ruby has already tipped off the police to Oswald’s location, and mob loyalists in the crowd point to the Book Depository as the source of the shots.

    Tippit pulls along side Oswald and tells him to get in. Oswald is already panicked. He’s a tiny, meek little Commie. He’s soft. He bailed on the Marines. When in the USSR, he attempted suicide. Only now is the gravity of what he’s done settling in. He’s spooked that Tippit is deviating from the plan. He refuses. Tippit stops the car and gets out. He reaches for his gun. Oswald pulls his pistol, which Tippit wasn’t expecting, and shoots Tippit dead in the street.

    Once captured, Oswald tells the police that he wants a lawyer and he’s ready to talk. All of it. Tippit, Ruby, the police he’s seen taking bribes and doing coke at Ruby’s nightclub, the fact that the man who introduced him to Ruby and Tippit works for the CIA and that the CIA is secretly working with the mob to put assassins into Cuba.

    The Dallas Police call Ruby. “Your boy wants to sing. We can only keep it under wraps for another day or two. D.C. FBI is en route and J. Edgar Hoover and his boys ain’t like the local FBI.”

    Ruby calls Chicago. They’ve got a problem. “You gotta take care of this Jack. You gotta take care of this.”

    So, Jack Ruby, rather than being promoted to crime boss, must now clean up the mess, or find himself shot in the head in some alley.

    J. Edgar Hoover warns the Dallas Police numerous times that Oswald is at risk as the only witness. His pleas are ignored, and officers look the other way as Ruby calmly walks through security with a loaded .38 and shoots Oswald live on TV.

    Ruby sits quietly in his cell, like a loyal solider, never uttering a word. A member of the family to the end.

    There’s really no rush or motivation to dig into all of this. Two of the three gunmen are already dead. Ruby would soon die in prison from lung cancer. A bigger investigation would just end up embarrassing the Dallas police, CIA, FBI and various members of the government at the local and federal level. Besides, the country is probably better off without Kennedy anyway. He was going soft on Castro and the Russians. He was more concerned with domestic affairs. And his personal antics, and the skirting of the law done by him and his brother were on a one way path to scandal. Isn’t it better if we don’t dig too far? Let this myth fill the history books. It’s a much better story than a corrupt, empty suit of a President getting gunned down by a coalition of Communists, conservatives and mobsters that he double crossed.

    No, a lone Communist killed the President. Before that President could achieve his goal of a Utopian America.

    And that, based on what I’ve read over the last 24 hours, is the rest of the story….

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