CONTEST! Trump vs. CNN GIF Contest – looking for SPONSORS, JUDGES


    UPDATE: WE HAVE OUR FIRST SPONSOR – The Conservative Treehouse has POSTED $1000 Contribution towards PRIZE $$$.
    CONTEST DETAILS will be revealed shortly! Thank you Conservative Tree House.

    CONTEST! Trump vs. CNN GIF Contest – looking for SPONSORS, JUDGES.

    Looking for Sponsors, esteemed Judges etc…

    In light of the 15 year old who got bullied (threatened their identity revealed) into an apology from CNN for making a GIF MEME we want to make a FREEDOM OF SPEECH Contest – 3 categories: images, youtube videos and GIFs depicting President Trump kicking CNN’s ass! Flood the internet with various talented memes. What’s #CNNFakeNews going to do?

    Since when did CNN get all Sharia law on the American people that you can not FREELY criticize the network with a comic meme?

    #CNNBlackmail and #CNNBlackmails is trending on Twitter.

    Direct Message @Mr_Pinko on Twitter or leave a message in the comment section.

    Maybe we can raise extra prize money for the kid who got bullied by CNN.

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