OSSOFFED! Democrats Liberals Media LOSE AGAIN. OFFICIAL: It’s a TRUMP NATION.

    OSSOFFED – Jon Ossoff, the Democrat candidate for the much sought after Georgia 6th congressional district, LOST in spite of running against a diluted Republican field (17 opponents), spending record amounts money, the backing of the Liberal media and more fake polling to try and sway the election their way. The Huffington Post and other Liberal media touted this race as a litmus test that the country is against President Trump. And they FAILED!



    The money started flowing to Democrat Jon Ossoff even before he got in the race to represent a suburban Atlanta district in Congress, with some $250,000 in financial commitments lined up the day he announced his candidacy. And then it never stopped.

    There was a wave of more than $1 million raised for his campaign through the liberal Daily Kos website, and millions of dollars more were collected in small-dollar contributions from frustrated Democrats and bigger donations from high-profile celebrities and politicians.

    All told, the 30-year-old — virtually unknown before entering the race in January — has raised $8.3 million, setting what could be a record fundraising quarter in a U.S. House campaign. And then the other side of the story: Only about $1 in every $20 he collected was from Georgia.

    It is at once a tremendous strength and a damaging liability for a candidate who has fast become a face of the resistance to President Donald Trump.

    Awash in cash, Ossoff has mounted a relentless ad blitz on TV, radio and the internet to flip the district, which spans from east Cobb County to north DeKalb County. Glossy mailers sent by his campaign and its allies target not only reliably Democratic voters for the April 18 election but also some Republicans. Squads of door-knockers, many volunteers but some paid, roam leafy subdivisions searching for Ossoff supporters in places such as Dunwoody, Marietta and Milton.

    But the tidal wave of donations may also embolden Republicans already eager to paint him as a globetrotting liberal. Donations from U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and a cast of Hollywood names seem certain to fuel more attacks. National GOP groups are already ratcheting up their spending. And his critics are using the out-of-district donations to remind voters that Ossoff, too, lives outside its environs.


    “Jon Ossoff doesn’t live in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, and his campaign is funded entirely by donors who don’t live there either,” Georgia GOP Chairman John Padgett said.

    Dems, Liberals, Media, Pollsters are DIZZY spinning this election. They still haven’t realized AMERICA is a TRUMP NATION!

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