Watch Dramatic Baltimore Police Shooting During Foot Pursuit (VIEWER WARNING)


    Watch Dramatic Baltimore Police Shooting During Foot Pursuit (VIEWER WARNING)

    LawOfficer REPORTS: Baltimore Police on Thursday identified the 18-year-old man who was fatally shot by a detective during a foot pursuit Tuesday.

    They also released footage from the detective’s body camera that showed Deal raising a handgun in the direction of the officer prior to the shooting.

    Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said at an afternoon news conference that the shooting was justified. He praised the detective – Det. David Kincaid Jr.. A five-year veteran of the force with no previous shootings. Praised for doing what the department and the city expect of its officers. Police shooting is a hotly contested issue right now with many claiming that certain instances are in fact unjustified. Of course, every case is different and should be treated as such but some reports, like that of Kaleb Belay in Philadelphia, seem inconsistent with the character and personality descriptions given by family members who are totally bewildered by the incident that has been portrayed by the authorities. Family members of victims who seem to have been incorrectly targeted often point out that their relative is an upstanding citizen with good prospects who has never committed an offence, let along a violent one, in their lives. Thankfully, such people can access the services of lawyers to help them seek justice for what has happened to them which often includes suffering severe injuries resulting in them being in the hospital in a critical condition. No one innocent should have to fear this kind of thing happening to them.

    “I expect police officers to chase people who bail out of cars with guns, that’s an expectation that I have of police officers,” Davis said. “And beyond my expectation, I think it’s the community’s expectation.”


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