Russian Xmas – Hillary Clinton give her coal – Hacked

    Russian Xmas - Hillary Clinton
    Russian Xmas - Hillary Clinton

    Russian Xmas – Hillary Clinton give her coal – Hacked

    There is a lot of noise about Russian hacking in the Alt-left media revolving around leaked reports, no official statements have been released by any government organization. However, it is not just high-profile people and corporations that are at the mercy of evil hackers. Fears remain high regarding hacking which is why the use of betternet VPN might provide some peace of mind to people when they are using the internet.

    From where I sit this Russia hacking story highlights the rift between the CIA and president elect. Trump has not taken security briefings, they are upset about this and want control back. The CIA will claim that they have no objective when briefing the president, in reality this could not be further from the truth.

    It is well documented that John McCain, Lindsey Graham and the CIA and others wish to confront ISIS and that they have been supporting rebel groups in Syria. It is my guess that this group do not want to see their pink-slip as Trump enters the White House.

    The big question is why are we in Syria and what is our objective?

    My opinion is this: We are in Syria to secure pipeline access and control thereof. We are also there to create a refugee problem so that dwindling populations in Europe can be supplemented with migrants as a means to help promote globalization. There is absolutely no desire to stop the war and suffering in Syria. The objective is to expand the war in the Middle East and spill it out to other countries.

    The end of violence in the Middle East (Syria, Egypt and Iraq) will mean the return of migrants that have not integrated into Europe. Something that Germany and the European Union do not want. John McCain, Lindsey Graham and the CIA group are not going to change course anytime soon.

    Russia Hacking:

    Non-secure servers run by Hillary Clinton and the DNC e-mailing non-secure passwords to their systems means everything is open for anyone to see. It is a certainty that everyone and anyone, governments and private individuals have all taken a look. After all you do not walk down the street naked without someone taking a few photos.

    You can put money on it that countries like Russia, Germany, Britain, Australia, China, New Zealand and South Africa and more all have their own copies of “hacks” and you will stand a 90% chance of winning a bet that they do.

    RNC vs DNC Hacking.

    The current theory doing the rounds is that both the RNC and DNC were hacked and that only DNC e-mails were released to assist Trump. Having seen the leaks highlighting the dirty tricks deployed by the DNC, Hillary Clinton and the Clinton campaign there is no doubt that had the RNC e-mails contained similar underhanded tactics as deployed by the afore mentioned then we would have seen them.

    Podesta Mails

    Podesta emails revealed his password was P@$$W0RD and that he was not hacked. Podesta was a victim of a Phishing scam where he opened a mail and entered his username and password. A huge step towards National Security would be basic internet education and no personal e-mail servers.

    Everyone should read Trump’s new book:

    Internet Security for Democrats
    Internet Security for Democrats

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