Christine Pelosi NUTCASE from HELL! 2 AWFUL Interviews


    Christine Pelosi NUTCASE from HELL! 2 AWFUL Interviews

    UPDATE: Make that 3 horrible interviews that show how rude, crass and shrew-like Christine Pelosi is. Add the Charles Payne interview to the train-wreck of bad interviews.

    She went on 2 Fox Business News shows, Marie Bartiromo and Neil Cavuto. Christine Pelosi proved she’s just as nutty as her mother Nancy Pelosi.

    The daughter of Nancy Pelosi is a Democratic elector from California calling for an intel briefing for all electors on Russian hacking, and Neil Cavuto confronted her about this push on FBN.

    Christine Pelosi NUTCASE from HELL kept repeating that Neil Cavuto was making her “unsafe”.

    The MELT DOWN during the Interview With Neil Cavuto showed how unhinged she is.

    Christine is leading the “bipartisan” (I say “bipartisan”, because they’re almost all Democrats) effort by electors, who are demanding intelligence briefings on Russia’s alleged interference in the presidential election before they vote. She recently spoke to Fox News’ Neil Cavuto and totally displayed the crazy genes she inherited from her mother. 

    Cavuto asked her if she’d be calling for a briefing from U.S. intelligence officials if the results were reversed, and she refused to answer.  It was like pulling teeth. If Hillary won, OF COURSE the results would be legitimate! Duh! This “RUSSIA!” business would be labeled a giant conspiracy theory. Democrats would mock Trump and probably offer his supporters tin foil hats and space blankets. But listen. Christine’s “always” for transparency. Always.

    Eventually, Christine completely snapped and told Cavuto that he was putting words in her mouth– words that would “antagonize” people and therefore make her “unsafe.”

    That’s right. Cavuto’s questions apparently put her life in danger.

    No, I don’t know that you can say that,” Christine said.

    “You’re trying to get electors who are bound to the Republican candidate, Republican states to switch their vote,” Cavuto shot back.

    Don’t put words in my mouth, Neil. Neil Cavuto you owe it to the American people to let me tell the truth and not lie about what I just said. Alex Jones said the same thing about my yesterday,” Christine said. “Alex Jones and Infowars have said that I want to have a coup and assassinate Donald Trump. I have gotten death threats and it’s not helpful for me.”

    Moon-bat Crazy Nancy Pelosi Re-elected Minority Leader

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