Trump Flame Out – Worth a re-visit – MEDIA Collusion

Trump Flame Out – Worth a re-visit – MEDIA Collusion


Trump Flame Out – Worth a re-visit – MEDIA Collusion

Media all colluded to take out Donald Trump during the primaries. It did not work.

Donald Trump will inevitably flame out. Here’s why.

By Michael Gerson August 10, 2015

In the first Republican debate, the klieg light that Donald Trump always carries around with him revealed four or five presidential candidates who, under the right circumstances, could beat Hillary Clinton. (Trump was not among them.) But there was also a moment that could predict the defeat of the GOP in 2016.

No, I’m not talking about Sen. Ted Cruz heaping praise on Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi — a military-backed ruler who jails journalists and has sentenced hundreds of opponents to death or life in prison — as a model in dealing with Islamism. And no, I am not talking about Sen. Rand Paul’s smirk when New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie raised the memory of 9/11 victims and their families.

Trump Flame Out

The single most important event of the campaign so far was Trump raising his hand and refusing to commit to the eventual GOP nominee. At that moment, Republicans saw a likely dystopia. Trump has gotten a hint of what it might be like to stand on the only stage sufficient to his self-image. He thinks that a Trump-branded White House might actually be possible. It is not a view held by any serious political observer. That doesn’t matter. Some public figures — Harold Stassen, Eugene McCarthy — never recovered from the beatific vision, and spent the rest of their lives trying to recover it.

Trump will flame out. And since he is … READ THE REST HERE

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