Trump is going to win by a landslide. Here’s why.

Trump is going to win by a landslide. Here’s why.

Clinton - Trump
Clinton has lost the race

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind anymore, Trump is going to win by a landslide!

Presenting the 2016 election result as I forecast them:
Trump 65% – Clinton 25% – Other 10%

Here’s why! Forget about which candidate is disliked the most- it’s not important. We all agree that each candidate is equally disliked, even MSNBC and CBS say they are equally disliked so it has to be true.

Let’s forget about Hillary’s ‘Body-Shamed’ Beauty Queen, Porn-star and former Miss Universe Alicia Machado whom is accused of being an accomplice to attempted murder and accused of threatening a judge, it’s not important, it’s all noise. In fact, almost everything in the News at the moment is distracting noise. Forget it.

All that counts at the end of the day is choice and the choice is straightforward and simple, we might not like to admit it but this is what it boils down to: A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for the democratic party and its existing policies, it is a vote for more of what Barrack Obama has been doing for the last 8 years. While a vote for Trump is a vote for change. That simple!

Let me explain:
Here is the kicker, voting for Hillary is voting for more of the ‘same old donkey’, while a vote for Trump is a vote for a ‘raging bull elephant’. The choice is ‘old donkey’ vs ‘bull elephant’ – “more of the same” vs “change”.

This is important because it’s the only topic on which everyone agrees and it’s the only topic that has consistently produced the same poll results no matter how skewed the data-set was, it makes no difference if there were 90 Democrats and only 10 Republicans surveyed, it makes no difference if the survey was conducted in the fly-over states or coastal America, the results are the same.

Poll after poll clearly indicates that that Americans believe the country is heading in the wrong direction:

Real Clear Politics:  Direction of the Country
Direction of the Country

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