Hillary Clinton’s SHADY BUNCH! (@Mr_Pinko VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton’s SHADY BUNCH! (@Mr_Pinko VIDEO)


The Shady Bunch VIDEO

The Shady Bunch – STARRING Crooked Hillary, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Media

Hillary will never be able to shake the word “crooked” as a description that best suits her. This video is priceless.

Video reviews:

This Video is wonderful and right on Target.
Non of these EFFING crooks should be pert of the Government.
They all should Lose their Jobs. Ther’r classic Hacks and Crooked Hacks at that.

This video is devastating to Hillary. Crooked sticks to her like white on rice.

Bill deserves to be called “Crooked”, too!!!!

Gordon Liddy used to say,” What kind of a world have we come to when we know the president (Clinton) has got a bent crank.”


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