The FAKE POLL Numbers Readjusted This Week

The FAKE POLL Numbers Readjusted This Week


The FAKE POLL Numbers Readjusted This Week

After the MEDIAS coordinated attempt to take out Donald Trump along with FAKE POLL numbers and bombardment of “Trump’s Worst week” articles – Reuters comes out with Trump/Clinton basically in a DEAD HEAT TIE!
Reuters Poll Article Here

So, if Hillary is winning, why the FAKE assault accusations? Why the FAKE polls? Why is EVERYTHING with Hillary FAKE if she is winning?

Hillary is losing badly. We just have to keep on top of those fraudulent votes.

Those fake, nonsense polls are actually real, good polls, Donald Trump’s spokesman insists

CNN’s Jim Acosta got a copy of talking points sent out by Donald Trump’s campaign on Wednesday, listing a slew of responses that campaign surrogates could offer when pressed on tricky issues, such as their candidate’s poor performance in the debate. Except that, according to those talking points, the candidate’s performance wasn’t poor at all, it was presidential — “restrained, poised, agile and determined.” Donald Trump did very well in the debate, the campaign would like you to think, and as evidence of that, one need only look at the terrible, useless surveys that proliferated online afterward, most of which showed Trump earning a massive victory.


I wrote about this Tuesday morning, when it became clear that Trump’s supporters (and Trump himself) were going to be citing unscientific online surveys as evidence that Trump had triumphed. I noted that a CNN-ORC poll conducted using a scientific methodology with screened participants showed what most Americans who watched seem to have seen: a Hillary Clinton victory. But the Trump camp was more interested in nonscientific surveys hosted at Time or on Twitter or at the Drudge Report — polls that anyone could click on and which made it onto globally circulated lists of surveys that encourage frequent voting — because they showed a different result. It’s the difference between making vegetable soup from a recipe and making vegetable soup by telling anyone in the world to send in whatever ingredients they want, resulting in a bathtub full of water and vodka in which three carrots, a potato and a dead pig are floating.

On MSNBC on Thursday, Trump spokesman Jason Miller was called out for referring to those online surveys as somehow being legitimate. And Miller, who has been around politics long enough to know that the surveys aren’t actually indicative of anything — but who also gets occasional paychecks signed by Donald Trump — offered up a tepid defense.

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