Breaking News: SCOTUS Justice Kennedy Retiring

    Breaking News: SCOTUS Justice Kennedy Retiring in JULY 2018
    Breaking News: SCOTUS Justice Kennedy Retiring in JULY 2018

    Breaking News: SCOTUS Justice Kennedy Retiring in JULY 2018

    Remaining Supreme Court justices by age and appointing president:
    Ginsburg: 85 (Clinton)
    Breyer: 79 (Clinton)
    Thomas: 70 (H.W. Bush)
    Alito Jr.: 68 (W. Bush)
    Sotomayor: 64 (Obama)
    Roberts: 63 (W. Bush)
    Kagan: 58 (Obama)
    Gorsuch: 50 (Trump)

    From Wikipedia:

    Possible nominees
    Below is a list of individuals who have been mentioned in various news accounts as the most likely potential nominees for a Supreme Court appointment under Trump. Most of them were included on one of the two lists of potential nominees Trump released during the 2016 campaign. Others were added to a revised list released by the White House on November 17, 2017.

    Following the nomination of Amul Thapar to the Sixth Circuit, it was noted that Trump might try to season some of the candidates on his original lists with federal Circuit Court experience prior to another possible Supreme Court vacancy.[19] Later, Trump nominated Joan Larsen (Sixth Circuit), David Stras (Eighth Circuit), Allison Eid (Tenth Circuit), and Don Willett (Fifth Circuit) to the federal courts of appeals. Two of the new names added to the November 2017 list, Amy Coney Barrett (Seventh Circuit) and Kevin Newsom (Eleventh Circuit), had already been nominated to the federal courts of appeals by Trump and confirmed by the Senate.

    Despite speculation that Trump might consider other candidates for a possible second Supreme Court nomination, Trump said in May 2017 that he would make his next appointment from the same list he used to choose Gorsuch (i.e., the combined 21 names given on either of the two lists he released during the campaign), describing the list as “a big thing” for him and his supporters.[20] However, on November 17, 2017, Trump added five new names to this list.

    Note: Names marked with a single asterisk (*) were included on the original short list of eleven potential candidates for the Scalia vacancy released by the Trump campaign on May 18, 2016. Names marked with a double asterisk (**) were included on the additional short list of ten more potential candidates released on September 23, 2016. Names marked with a triple asterisk (***) were added to the revised short list of November 17, 2017.

    Steven Colloton, 53, Iowa
    Allison Eid, 51, Colorado
    Raymond Gruender, 53, Missouri
    Thomas Hardiman, 51, Pennsylvania
    Raymond Kethledge, 49, Michigan
    Joan Larsen, 48, Michigan
    Thomas Lee, 51, Utah
    William Pryor, 54, Alabama
    David Stras, 42, Minnesota
    Diane Sykes, 58, Wisconsin
    Don Willett, 50, Texas
    Keith Blackwell, 42, Georgia
    Charles Canady, 62, Florida
    Mike Lee, 45, Utah
    Edward Mansfield, 60, Iowa
    Federico Moreno, 64, Florida
    Margaret Ryan, 52, Illinois
    Amul Thapar, 47, Kentucky
    Timothy Tymkovich, 60, Colorado
    Robert Young, 65, Michigan
    Amy Coney Barrett, 46, Indiana
    Britt Grant, 40,Georgia
    Brett Kavanaugh. 53. Maryland
    Kevin Newsom, 45, Alabama
    Patrick Wyrick, 37, Oklahoma

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