Paris Accord – Liberals Don’t Get It


    Paris Accord – Liberals Don’t Get It

    OH MY GOD! President Trump pulled out of the Paris Accord! It’s the END OF THE WORLD!
    I see Facebook posts “You don’t get it. Your children and grand-children are going to suffocate to death” “We are going to die.” “Trump is an environmental NAZI.” The HYSTERIA is MIND BOGGLING. And I LOVE IT!
    Where every Facebook hysteria post is, the question should be asked, “Have you read the Paris Accord?” More than half don’t know what the Paris Accord agreement is. All they know is Trump made a decision, we must flip out on him to show he is a bad President. It’s all political crap in an attempt to take him down in 2018 and 2020. Faux outrage.

    Meanwhile, if President Trump was FOR the Paris Accord – Liberals/Media/Democrats/Hollywood/NeverTrumpers would be AGAINST IT!

    All President Trump has stated (paraphrasing) “It’s not a good deal.” And he’s right. The United States pays $$$ and what do we get in return?

    Why is the Paris Accord a bad deal?

    Because the U.S. has been burnt paying for other BAD DEALS! And a GREAT EXAMPLE of that is the NATO deal.

    The NATO deal is similar to the Paris Accord as in they are both “Global contracts”.
    In our experience with the NATO deal, the U.S. would PAY while other countries WELCH on the “deal”. President Trump had the balls to say to other leader’s faces – “PAY UP”!

    The message: U.S. are not suckers anymore under President Trump. We’re not going to foot the bill anymore and the leeches are freaking out.
    The more whining/crying/hysterics you hear means PRESIDENT Trump is Making America Great Again.
    And don’t you forget it.

    WINNING…  and the losers are in manic mode. It’s a beautiful thing.

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