Syria: Western Mainstream Media Lies – Objective: Regime change

Syria: Western Mainstream Media Lies – Objective: Regime change

Here are 10 of the worst lies that have been peddled by Western governments and mainstream media regarding liberation of Eastern Aleppo in Syria.

Syria Regime Change
Syria Regime Change

US objective in Syria is Regime change and that alone. Claims of weapons of mass destruction, chemical weapons and genocide have all been debunked.

Here are 10 of the worst lies that have been peddled by Western governments and media lackeys regarding liberation of Eastern Aleppo in Syria.

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1- The evacuation is yet to begin, despite a ceasefire deal to allow civilians and opposition fighters from the besieged districts to leave.
– But, almost 6,000 civilians were evacuated from the Eastern districts on Wednesday alone, while over 350 militants turned themselves in. The civilians have all been placed in humanitarian centers, receiving food and medical assistance. The remaining rebels are allowed to leave but they have decided to stay – and fight.

2- The city has endured a brutal “meltdown of humanity” as Syrian forces rampage through newly reclaimed districts reportedly carrying out extrajudicial killings.
– But, not even one official report or video clip and picture has ever emerged to show that Syrian forces have committed any atrocities. True, some civilians have been tortured and killed. But this is because they tried to flee the rebel-held areas, wherewith they were captured and executed by them.

3- Syrian forces have resumed targeting rebel areas, breaking the ceasefire agreement.
– But, this has been in response to rebel attacks. Rebels broke the agreement and resumed the hostilities by firing at a convoy of rebels who agreed to be evacuated to the city of Idlib that was due to leave early Wednesday.

4- Civilians have been burning personal possessions as they fear looting by the Syrian Army and Iranian-backed militia allies.
– Again, no official media report has ever emerged to substantiate these silly allegations. The allied forces are there to save lives; they are not there to carry out butcheries, much less loot and detain 6,000 boys! Any doubters should ask the residents who are still on the streets celebrating their victory.

5- The battle, which pitted the Syrian government against an array of disorganized opposition rebels, now appears to be over.
– The struggle for civilisation against terrorism is far from over. Liberation of Aleppo will pave the way for liberation of Idlib, which is another terror-held city. What’s more, the United States and its regional cohorts have been behind their “moderate” goons from day one. The loss of Aleppo is a huge setback for their ‘organised campaign’ to regime change Syria.

6- The United States failed to intervene – and that’s been the problem.
– The US and its allies have intervened massively in Syria, by funding, supporting and training “moderate” terrorists. They did ignite the conflict and helped to keep it stoked for six years. They sat on their hands in the end because they couldn’t do anything. The battle would have been a very short one if not for their support given to the terrorists.

7- The humanitarian disaster in Aleppo is the fault of the Syrian government and allies.
– It is silly to expect the Syrian government sit on its hands while rebels shell the government-held areas and take power (as the West was demanding) – even when there was no evidence they had widespread popular support. No Western country would ever sit and watch, while foreign-backed ‘rebels’ kill their officials and citizens, or blow up their government buildings.

8- The battle for Aleppo is simply sectarian.
– This narrative ignores the fact that Sunnis not only serve large numbers, but also hold key positions in the Syrian Army. They also hold important positions in the government. This was a battle for civilisation not for sectarianism – with many Sunnis on board.

9- Syrian forces used chemical weapons at rebel-held areas.
– It is an established fact that terrorist groups have carried out the chemical weapons attack in Aleppo and elsewhere. The United Nations has confirmed that the foreign-backed terrorists have long been using sarin nerve gas and other chemical weapons. The false flag operations are designed to give a reason for Western governments to intervene militarily.

10- The ‘moderate rebels’ are the ‘good guys’. Western intentions are humanitarian – whereas Iran and Russia are acting out of self-interest.
– The ‘moderate rebels’ are Wahhabi insurgents and Al-Qaeda-allied Jihadi Salafists. A large number of them are not Syrian. These CIA-trained insurgents have also tied the knots with ISIL. As for Western ‘humanitarian intentions’, it suffices to take a closer look at the declassified secret US intelligence documents from 2012 that say: “The prospect of a ‘Salafist’ principality being established in Eastern Syria is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, as it would isolate the Syrian regime.”

Meaning, this is not a ‘civil war’. This is a war imposed on Syria by the United States, Israel, and their client states. The globalist criminal syndicate will keep their borders open so that weapons, supplies and money can continue to flow into the hands of their ISIL and Al-Qaeda proxy forces. For them, the neoliberal crusade to destroy and make life unlivable in Syria is far from over – liberation of Aleppo notwithstanding.

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