HELP Find a SERIAL CAT KILLER - by Sia Barbi - The Barbi Twins
HELP Find a SERIAL CAT KILLER - by Sia Barbi - The Barbi Twins


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Serial cat killer allowed to roam free: Officials say ‘not a top priority’

A serial cat killer is suspected to be roaming the streets of Spokane, Washington. Since August, when local resident Wesley O’Dell found the first tortured kitten tied, taped, strangled and killed, the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection (SCRAPS) and local police have seemingly taken little interest. According to KhqNews, O’Dell, an animal advocate, was shocked when he noticed flies buzzing over a pair of shorts and pieces of cable wire lying in the street:

“To come across something like this less than a block and a half away from our house it’s just wrong,” O’Dell stated. It wound up being a little kitten about that big, just wrapped up in phone cords and chargers. It was wrapped so tightly its paw was up along its face and the jaw was ripped down. It’s just disgusting. It makes me sick to my stomach that somebody would do something like that.”


O’Dell was never interviewed nor was the kitten’s body ever examined to determine the exact cause of death. And as tragic as that incident was, the animal cruelty to kittens didn’t stop there. When a second kitten was found in Spokane that had been strangled to death with a USB cord and wrapped in a sweatshirt, animal advocate and Hollywood celebrity, Sia Barbi asked Guardians of Rescue to find the kitten killer since Spokane officials told Wesley, “not a high priority” and turned him away. A $2,500 reward was soon offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible. Both acts of the heinous cruelty appeared to be related.

After an exhaustive investigation, Guardians of Rescue were able to procure evidence as to the owner of the sweatshirt, audio proof allegedly linked to a suspect involved in the kitten killings and how the suspect may have used Craigslist or traps to find his tiny victims.

And as December rolls in, advocates believe at least 19 kittens may have since been tortured and killed in unfathomable cruelty. According to advocates, no investigation is underway.

Never doubt how cat-loving advocates won’t go that extra mile to investigate and find a serial cat killer. In 2014, a crew of online sleuths joined by Hollywood, Sia Barbi, one of the sister models who gained fame in 1991 after posing in Playboy, had been receiving e-mails directing her to the egregious world of serial kitten killer turned murderer. Sia and Shane had successfully lobbied for the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act, a bill to ban sexual deviant videos known for women wearing high heels crushing small animals.

According to Rolling Stones Magazine, the Barbi twins, using their notoriety, their passion for saving animals and backed by a long list of animal advocates, helped to bring murdered Luke Magnotta to justice.

“Spokane’s serial cat killing case resembles the case I worked on; the Luke Magnotta tragedy,” stated Sia. “Like this Spokane cat killer case, no one helped me or cared about the kittens being killed until a human was murdered. That is why I am publicly posting about this cat killing case and asking for my celebrity animal sleuths to help as well as the public.”

Guardians of Rescue state they have supplied SCRAPS with crucial evidence, witnesses and information on the suspect, however SCRAPS does not consider the information a ‘complete report.’

“I think Spokane residents deserve to know that witnesses allegedly identified a local homeless, drug user that lives in his car, as the ‘suspect,’ states Sia. “In my opinion, Scraps is more concerned with using Guardians of Rescue as a ‘stalling technique’ in the name of ‘protocol’ so they can continue to do nothing, and probably hope the case will go away… Spokane residents vote their mayor into office and pay taxes to fund SCRAPS, and isn’t the community owed warnings and updates as to the investigation?””

HELP Find a SERIAL CAT KILLER – Contact information as follows:

Mayor David Condon (509).625.6250

SCRAPS (509).477.2532

Prosecutor Larry Haskill (509).477.3662

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