Kellogg Froot Loops? Kellogg pulls advertising on

    Kellogg Froot Loops
    Kellogg Froot Loops

    Kellogg Froot Loops? Kellogg pulls advertising on

    The WAR on Donald Trump continues with Kellogg pulling their ads from Kellogg confirmed Tuesday that it will discontinue advertising on the “far-right news and commentary” site that was formerly run by a top aide of President-elect Donald Trump, Steve Bannon.

    The site has come under fire on social media FALSELY CLAIMING (#FakeNews) it’s racist, sexist and anti-Semitic content. Steve Bannon worked as executive chairman of Breitbart News until he left to run Trump’s campaign. He was scheduled to return to Breitbart. Earlier this month, Trump named Bannon his chief strategist. RADICAL LEFTISTS’ heads collectively exploded and FALSELY called out the site’s content as hateful and PRESSURED advertisers, like Kellogg, to fall for their BS.

    Knucklehead Kellogg spokesperson Kris Charles states, “We regularly work with our media buying partners to ensure our ads do not appear on sites that aren’t aligned with our values as a company.”

    Other idiotic companies have caved into pressure from Leftist #FakeNews advocates. Leftist think they’ve won the economic war against Conservative websites. Some companies said on Twitter that they will stop advertising on Breitbart. They include pharmaceutical manufacturer Novo Nordisk, eyeglasses maker Warby Parker and the San Diego Zoo.

    AppNexus, one of the largest online advertising networks, also blocked Breitbart News.

    Time to boycott Kellogg and other asinine companies? What say you? What is YOUR PolitOpinion? We welcome your comments.

    Other NEWS: Democrats DOUBLE DOWN on a loser. Moon-bat Crazy Nancy Pelosi Re-elected Minority Leader. What is your PolitOpinion?

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