Hillary Clinton Reentering Presidential Race? May Still Become President!

    Hillary Newsweek Madam President
    Hillary Newsweek Madam President

    Hillary Clinton Reentering Presidential Race – May Still Become President!

    Hillary Clinton reentering presidential race? May still become president, activists are urging Hillary Clinton to challenge the result of the election after they say the results in three states may have been hacked or manipulated.

    Clinton could still snatch the US Presidency away from Donald Trump after being told to demand a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania by election lawyers and computer scientists in the latest twist to the Presidential race.


    The activists – including voting rights attorney John Bonifaz and University of Michigan Center director for Computer Security and Society J. Alex Halderman – called Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta and campaign general counsel Marc Elias to talk about their findings last Thursday.

    The states offer two kinds of voting: One in which paper votes are counted by an optical scanning machine (and checked in random samples by humans) and one in which the vote is inputted directly into a computer.

    The group says that Clinton received 7 per cent fewer votes in those counties of Wisconsin in which votes were counted electronically, compared to those with paper ballots and optical scanners.

    That suggests Clinton’s counts may have been artificially lowered from within the counting machines by hackers, while the paper counts – not being susceptible to hacking – remained unaffected, they say.

    This despite Hillary Clinton concession to President Elect Donald J. Trump on election night at about 2:30 a.m., the “Fake” or “Curated” mainstream media are still spinning stories propping her up. Resurrecting the dead was a key thread carried in mainstream media throughout Clintons campaign, from lame duck to dead duck, it’s time for Clinton to bow out and for mainstream media to allow her to fade peacefully into the sunset.

    Hopefully Newsweek have not already started printing additional copies of “Madam President”

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