The Occult – Hillary Clinton – It’s far worse than you think

    The Occult
    The Occult

    The Occult – Hillary Clinton – It’s far worse than you think

    Demon Possession, Mind Control, Witchcraft, Voodoo, Reptilian Shapeshifting, Terrorism, Conspiracies… and much more.

    “The biggest mistake of the American press is thinking they know her.” — Maggie Williams, Hillary’s former chief of staff and one of her closest friends, New York Times, May 30, 1999

    Hillary Clinton is the most polarizing, the most controversial figure in American politics today.
    She is admired by millions — and feared and loathed by millions more.

    Of course, the same could be said for other political figures.
    However… there are those whose objections to Hillary go far beyond the usual political or personal critiques.

    A startling and growing number of Americans oppose Hillary not just for the usual political reasons, but because they fear she may

    • a witch practicing the darkest of the occult arts
    • the Antichrist
    • a non-human flesh-eating reptilian shapeshifter
    • a blood-drinking demon-possessed Satanic high priestess
    • a voodoo queen
    • leader of an army of mind-controlled sex slaves and spies
    • receiving and following secret instructions from evil entities from other dimensions
    • a member of secret ruling elite conspiratorial societies that guide the direction of the world to achieve dark occult aims and more.

    The Occult

    Such beliefs about Hillary Clinton are held not by a small fringe, but by many millions of mainstream, everyday Americans.
    Their accusations can be found in books, videos, speeches, online and elsewhere.
    It’s easy to dismiss such seemingly outrageous charges as ridiculous and nonscientific.
    However, not so very long ago, the idea that a person could be a witch, possessed by demons, practice black magic, shapeshift into beasts and alien forms, work in allegiance with Satan, exhibit supernatural or otherworldly powers, contact the dead and beings from other planets and other dimensions… would not have been thought at all unusual or controversial.

    That had its negative consequences, of course. Over the centuries, tragically, many innocent people were accused of such things and
    harassed, persecuted, tortured, or killed.

    The Occult

    Today we are privileged to live in more enlightened times. Science has replaced unfounded superstition in category after category.

    Ailments once ascribed to demons or sorcerers are now routinely treated with medicine or counseling. We should be profoundly grateful for this.

    However… is it possible that we have gone too far in the other direction? Could it be that, in our efforts to understand the world in a purely rational and scientific manner, we may have neglected to fairly consider whether all allegations of supernatural powers and diabolic intent are false?

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