First Family puts Family First

    First Family puts Family First
    First Family puts Family First

    First Family puts Family First

    Our Future First Lady Melania Trump and President Elect Donald Trump’s young son, Barron Trump, announced that they will not be moving into the White House immediately after Inauguration Day in January 2017. Mrs. Trump and their son, Barron will remain in New York City to allow him to finish the school year at his current school. President Elect Donald Trump said Melania and Barron will move to Washington, “very soon, after he is finished with school.”

    Many critics who are still angry and mourning Hillary Clinton’s loss are being very judgmental. It seems as though the common thread amongst the liberals will continue with the transition of the New First Family into The White House. The media and critics will continue to only be tolerant when it applies to their choices or choices that they approve.

    Placing a young child’s needs first is somehow wrong, with one tweet even stating, “Melania Trump’s decision is appalling.”

    Wow! What I find appalling is one mother criticizing the choices of another mother.

    First Family puts Family First

    As a mother and a supporter of the family unit, I applaud The President Elect First Family’s decision. I believe it is absolutely the best one. Melania has said that her son Barron is the most important thing in her life.  That is beautiful and should be admired.

    As mothers, we do our best to make our children’s lives as seamless and smooth as we possibly can.

    We have had Presidential families in the past discuss the importance of “Family Values”, the importance of supporting families and being “pro-family” but not here, not with this First Family. Should we not applaud their decision? We are expected to applaud every other non-traditional family choice, like gay families and transgender family members. No, we are actually expected to celebrate those! But no, not this simple, smart decision the New First Family is making on behalf of their young son. This one is wrong. Why is it okay to judge Trump’s family but not who the left say? Can we stop this bias? Can we stop the judgements?

    When will we be able to support our New First Family and our President Elect Donald Trump, the man who will be running our Great Nation for the next four years?

    Those people who believe women should support other women but cannot support our Future First Lady should stand by their own words. Remember those famous words by Madeline Albright?

    “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”

    Those words can be easily applied here, too. When will we come together as one? I think it is time.

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