Suzzanne Monk Calls Bill Clinton a RAPIST in LIVE INTERVIEW


    Suzzanne Monk Calls Bill Clinton a RAPIST in LIVE INTERVIEW

    Trump supporter tells ALL OF CHICAGO that Bill Clinton is a RAPIST on LIVE TV!

    Suzzanne Monk, live on local Fox32, dropping truth bombs about Bill and Hillary on LIVE Chicago TV. At #PussyGrabsBack protest at Chicago Trump Tower, October 18th, 2016. #TrumpTrain The look on the Reporter’s face after the live feed is PRICELESS!

    This is how you handle the media! Suzzanne Monk-Style

    Suzzanne Monk DISMANTLES the media in another video at


    Suzzanne Monk is a one-woman comedy dynamo. As a stand up comic, she has drawn crowds around Chicagoland for the past 3 years. As a sketch comic, her one-woman sketch videos have been viewed on the web over half a million times. Her work with characters has been compared to an American Tracy Ulman. She cohosted and cowrote Fearless Radio’s Peace and Pipedreams Show (2007-08), with thousands of listeners worldwide. Suzzanne has evolved her years as a sketch and children’s writer, her lifetime of theater training and her hard knock life into a powerful and crowd moving comedy style that leaves audiences rolling on the floor, whether as herself or one of her beloved characters such as Grandma Sex.

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