WHO is this GUY? PAID #Bird-dogging Agitator @Mr_Pinko Investigation


    PAID #Bird-dogging Agitator. WHO is this GUY? It’s bothering me because I’ve seen this guy before in an entirely different video. I can not put my finger on where I’ve seen him before. Maybe someone has an I.D. on him.

    We are not talking about the featured photo guy in our post. He actually captured the violence on his camera. We do not have his footage.

    If you find this “activist”, you will connect the violent criminal all the way to Hillary Clinton. This is just one of many who were paid by the DNC to cause harm at Trump rallies.

    Hillary Clinton directing and paying Super-PACs has been proven with evidence from James O’Keefe Project Veritas. It is ILLEGAL for campaigns to co-ordinate with Super PACS.

    SUPER PAC COLLUSION: Hard Evidence Showing Illegal Collusion between HRC Campaign and Super PACs

    Content Subject: Research has revealed numerous pieces of evidence confirming HRC/Super PACs Collusion. Evidence is organized and explained in the report.

    Immediate Implications: HRC staffers/ attorneys/associates were aware of, encouraging, and utilizing connections with Super PACs to attack opponents, develop financial war chests, and push talking points to mass media organizations for the HRC presidential campaign.

    Report Highlights:
    • In-depth analysis of Podesta email dump has revealed a plethora of hard evidence of collusion between HRC campaign and Super PACs
    • A report has been drafted explaining how evidence links together and prove collusion
    • A detailed list of evidence discovered to date is included

    Full Report: An independent news reporter known as James O’Keefe recently released a number of undercover film pieces that revealed illegal activities performed by the HRC campaign and the DNC. TF 58 engaged in scheduled data mining session that coincided with new Podesta Wikileak releases to determine whether further evidence could be found linking the HRC campaign to illegal activity, namely Super PAC collusion.

    Data mining and analysis have identified numerous emails confirming collusion with Super PACs at all levels of the HRC campaign. The Hillary for America Campaign group had direct communication and coordination between various Super PACs and their representatives or third party associates. Preemptive coordination occurred before HRC’s presidential run and continued as the campaign became active. Involved entities include but are not limited to the following.

    Super PACs/Groups of note involved directly include:
    • American Bridge
    • Democracy Alliance
    • Correct The Record
    • Perkins Coie LLP
    • Priorities USA
    Individuals of note involved directly include:
    • Huma Abedin, Vice Chairwoman at Hillary for America
    • Mary Pat Bonner, The Bonner Group
    • Steve Bing, Founder of the Shangri-La Group
    • David Brock, Founder of Correct The Record PAC
    • Guy Cecil, Chief Strategist of Priorities USA PAC
    • Dennis Cheng, Finance Director at Hillary for America
    • Marc Elias, General Counsel at Hillary for America; Perkins Coie LLP
    • Jesse Ferguson, Key Spokesman at Hillary for America
    • Milia Fisher, Special Assistant to the Chair at Hillary for America
    • Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO at DreamWorks Animation
    • Sara Latham, Chief of Staff to the Chairman at Hillary for America
    • Jesse Lehrich, Foreign Policy Spokesman at Hillary for America
    • Nick Merrill, Press Secretary at Hillary for America
    • Robby Mook, Campaign Manager at Hillary for America
    • Jennifer Palmieri, Director of Communications at Hillary for America
    • John Podesta, Chair at Hillary for America
    • Haim Saban, Chair at Univision Communications
    • Andy Spahn, Fundraiser for Priorities USA PAC; Gonring, Spahn & Associates, Inc
    • Tom Steyer, American hedge fund manager; For Our Future PAC
    • Sean Sweeney, Partner at The Messina Group
    • Neera Tanden, Center for American Progress President

    On more than one occasion, HRC’s campaign solicited legal help from Perkins Coie LLP to navigate “complex” FEC laws and requirements relating to interactions between the campaign and Super PACs. A comprehensive Excel sheet of evidence discovered to date is in a PDF format and Excel format; includes the WikiLeaks Email ID, Dates, Names of Individuals in the emails, WikiLeaks Direct Urls, and Snippets of the Exchanges in the emails:

    An expanded report on this matter can be found here

    Task Force 58 will continue to review and report on additional evidence discovered relating to Super PAC collusion.

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