Voting has begun early in Minnesota.

Voting has begun early in Minnesota.

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As of Friday 8:00 a.m. on September 23, 2016 you can vote early in Minnesota. Voters do not need an ID if you were previously registered in the same precinct with a former name or address appearing on the roster.

Completed ballots will be kept sealed until they are submitted for processing, one week prior to the election. Voters who change their minds about who they are voting for will be able to do so an unlimited number of times until then. “What happens is, after a person completes their ballot it is placed in a vault,” Only election judges has access to the vault where the paper ballots are stored. “If they come in and wish to change their vote, the previous ballot is removed from the vault and they are given a new ballot to fill out.”

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Voters not previously registered to vote are permitted to register and vote the same day, either with an identification card or a “voter voucher.”

A registered voter, or someone who is registering the same day, can vouch for up to eight other voters who live in the same precinct and do not have identification. “A voter who is vouched for on Election Day cannot vouch for another voter in the same election,” the rules read.

Voter Voucher Form
“Vouch” for upto 8 people without ID.
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