Absolute proof Hillary is going to lose…

Absolute proof Hillary is going to lose…

Hillary's Birthday Message
No one is signing Hillary's b-day card

For the last few weeks, I have watched this ‘illary paid for advertisement with amusement as it buys space in my Twitter feed. Initially I wondered why my feed? I’m clearly not a ‘illary fan! That aside. How desperate do you have to be to put out a paid advertisement to try and get people to sign your birthday card? Why have so few people signed the card?

Weeks in and only 17,514 people have signed the card even though it has been retweeted by 4,064 times.

From this I conclude 3 possibilities:

  1. Twitter is targeting this advertising to the wrong people.
  2. No one want’s their name associated with ‘illary.
  3. ‘illary has very few actual supporters.

On September 14, 2016 we reported about the DNC’s extremely lax internet security. Makes me wonder how many of the signatures are spoofs using e-mail addresses shared by WikiLeaks?

Hillary Clinton Birthday
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