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Why Did Khizr Khan Delete His Law Firm’s Website?

Khizr Khan, the Muslim Gold Star father of Captain Humayun Khan, set off a media firestorm at the DNC last week when he criticized Trump for his “unconstitutional” policies aimed at banning Muslim immigration to the United States.  A question posed by Breitbart is whether Khizr Khan’s law firm, KM Khan Law Office, actually derives profit directly from Muslim immigration to the United States making him more than just an innocent conscientiousness objector to Trump’s policy?

Breitbart suggests that Khan did, in fact, stand to profit from his viewpoints shared at the DNC and point to his website bio which lists “EB-5 Investments & Related Immigration Services” as a specific area of practice.  Oddly enough, since these reports have surfaced the website of Mr. Khan’s law office has been taken down.  Luckily, prior versions of the website are available on the wayback machine which can be seen here:

Khan Law

Why would Khan remove his website over such a discovery?  Perhaps it’s related to the fact that the EB-5 program has come under intense scrutiny from certain members of Congress, the SEC, Homeland Security and the NSA.  Senator Chuck Grassley recently described the program as “riddled with flaws and corruption.”  Below are some relevant excerpts from Senator Grassley’s prepared remarks at the Judiciary Committee Hearing on February 2, 2016 regarding EB-5:


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