Albuquerque Protests Violence Prove Trump Right

Albuquerque Protests Violence Prove Trump Right


Albuquerque Protests Violence Prove Trump Right

Anti-Trump protesters at Trump rally throw rocks, bottles at Albuquerque police

ALBUQUERQUE – What began as an assembly of about 1,000 peaceful protesters outside a Donald Trump rally at the Albuquerque Convention Center morphed into madness Tuesday evening when mostly young, raucous rioters joined the ranks, hurling burning T-shirts, rocks and bottles toward the police and police horses trying to contain them.

Several Albuquerque police officers were injured by the projectile rocks, and at least one rioter had been arrested by the end of the night, the department tweeted. Protesters finally dispersed from the city’s downtown streets late Tuesday night, hours after the rally ended, when police in riot gear unloaded pepper spray on the dwindling crowd. Being in the midst of violent protesters would surely make you feel the need to have some form of self-defense with you, like a taser, in case someone tried something funny.

Albuquerque Protests

Metal barriers kept the peaceful protesters at bay earlier in the evening as they chanted and held signs in opposition to the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s immigration rhetoric, a stance that has isolated Trump from some prominent Latino Republicans in New Mexico, the state with the highest percentage of Hispanics as a portion of population.


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