California Congressman Adam Schiff destroyed by Tucker Carlson while Attempting a Shifty Sidestep!


    Tucker Carlson HEATED Debate on Russian Interference in U.S. Election

    Straight up, I am no fan of Tucker Carlson!

    I’m less of a fan of Democrat’s that blame anyone and everyone but themselves. Listen to shifty California Congressman Adam Schiff, pathetically try and blame Russian interference in the U.S. Election for Trumps victory. When pressed by Tucker Carlson, shifty Schiff failed to present any evidence of Russian interference and would not directly accuse Russia of interference.

    One thing this U.S. presidential election has highlighted is that Democrats have a tendency to throw out a lot of blame without any proof. The Alt-left, mainstream media and congressmen are all falsely blaming the alt-right for disseminating false news. I would like to know if there is anything that qualifies shifty Schiff’s, Russian Interference comments as anything other than fake news.

    The very basis of law is that everyone is innocent until such time as they are proved guilty.

    It appears that Hillary, the DNC, CNN, MSN, CBS and shifty Schiff would all like you to believe that the Russians are always guilty until proved innocent.

    A “shifty; shady; sidestep” is now called a “pivot” by the Alt-left.

    I can see why they prefer Schiff pivoted, as opposed to saying “Shifty; Shady; Sidestepping, Schiff could not prove his allegation!”

    What do you think of these shifty Democrats and Alt-left media?

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