Psssst! Blue Horseshoe Loves Litecoin LTC

    Psssst! Litecoin LTC
    Psssst! Litecoin LTC

    Psssst! Blue Horseshoe Loves Litecoin LTC

    If you’re in the Crypto-currency game you’d see it has all TANKED in the past weeks. The rumor is Litecoin might do a huge run-up. Check out this Express article.

    CRYPTOCURRENCY NEWS: HUGE Litecoin announcement – ‘gamechanger’ LitePay to launch in days


    LITECOIN, one of the world’s leading crypto-currencies, is poised for massive gains this week on the back of a ‘game-changing’ announcement. The peer-to-peer crypto has been in the doldrums for weeks and was today trading at around $145 – down from a high of more than $325 in December.

    However fans of Litecoin – essentially a faster spin-off of Bitcoin – are convinced that a new payment processor called LitePay will send the price soaring.

    The Litecoin Foundation announced LitePay just before Christmas – but the actual launch of the product is expected this week.

    LitePay takes Litecoin out of the cyber realm and places it squarely in real life by allowing businesses to accept payment in Litecoin from anywhere on earth. Will you soon be able to buy Litecoin in Australia and accept payments with the currency there too, or maybe even from all over the world? There are loads of other types of online payments though that people could use. For example, some people have started to buy bitcoin instead. However, it’s all down to personal preference.

    Transactions will be super-fast and allow UK-based customers to pay for products and services in dollars with no transaction charges.

    A Litecoin wallet will also be available for all major mobile and desktop browsers and instant withdrawals from VISA compatible ATMs and spend with any VISA merchant will be possible. Before investing in any kind of cryptocurrency it is important to make sure you read up on all of the options, such as Monero, otherwise known as XMR and what they have to offer too.


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