CNN Goes Bat Sh*t Crazy!


    CNN Goes Bat Sh*t Crazy!

    CNN’s political commentator Ana Navarro responds to President Trump’s reported comments criticizing …

    by going BAT-SH*T CRAZY!

    “It tells you just how shamelessly racist he is,” Navarro asserted. “This is not something he’s saying in the dark of night. This is not something that he’s thinking in his head.”

    “Let me tell you, you know why he doesn’t like the visa lottery?” Navarro asked. “Because it’s the way Africans come here. You know why he doesn’t like TPS, temporary protected status? Because right now it covers Haitians, it covers Salvadorans. You know what Haitians and Salvadorans have in common? They are in completely different parts of the world … [but] they are black. They are black.”

    “Donald Trump has shown us his dark heart, has shown us his racism,” Navarro continued. “I am as desperate as anyone for there to be a [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] deal, for there to be a deal on Dreamers. But we cannot normalize the fact that Donald Trump has turned the Oval Office into a shithole — into a morally bankrupt place where there are lies and division and racism that comes out every single day.”

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