Another Airline Incident CAUGHT on VIDEO

    Another Airline Incident CAUGHT
    Another Airline Incident CAUGHT

    Another Airline Incident CAUGHT on VIDEO

    Travel is stressful enough and another airline incident caught on video.

    American Airlines flight attendant grounded after altercation with passengers captured on video

    Good Morning America By DAVID CAPLAN

    It’s been less than two weeks since a video of a bloodied passenger being dragged off a United Airlines aircraft ignited a national discussion about the airline industry’s treatment of passengers, and now, yet another onboard incident captured on video is raising eyebrows — and it’s resulted in the immediate grounding of a flight attendant.

    A video posted to Facebook Friday by Surain Adyanthaya — a passenger onboard American Airlines flight 591, from San Franciso to Dallas — shows an intense confrontation between flight crew and a handful of passengers at the front of the aircraft while it is still on the tarmac in San Francisco.

    The heated moment began when ….

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