One Question about using our Mighty Cyber Security Arsenal?

One Question about using our Mighty Cyber Security Arsenal?

Mighty Cyber Security Arsenal
Mighty Cyber Security Arsenal

Why didn’t we use our mighty Cyber Security Arsenal to keep our electoral process safe in the first place?

The Alt-left mainstream media are reporting that Obama is contemplating the complexity of using our mighty cyber-arsenal against Russia.

As reported by the failing New York Times: “Obama vowed on Friday to ‘send a clear message to Russia’ as both a punishment and a deterrent, some of the options were rejected as ineffective, others as too risky. If the choices had been better, one of the aides involved in the debate noted recently, the president would have acted by now. ”

With such a mighty cyber-arsenal at our disposal the best possible deterrent would have been to have already acted by now and deployed our mighty cyber-arsenal as a preemptive measure.

The State Department said in January 2016 that it found 18 instances of messages between Clinton and Obama among the roughly 30,000 work emails Clinton returned to the department in 2014. None have been released because of a law that protects presidential communications from becoming public for several years. It would have been ideal if they had brought in some security measures to counter this, perhaps from or other companies.

Part of the WikiLeaks release of Podesta’s e-mails confirm that both Podesta and Cheryl Mills discussed a NYT article confirming that both they and Obama knew about Clinton’s private e-mail server, you can read the e-mail here, Dated Mar 8, 2015, at 7:56 AM: Obama Says He Didn’t Know Hillary Clinton Was Using Private Email Address –

Surely our mighty cyber-arsenal was protecting POTUS and would have picked up on Clinton’s insistence on the use of a non-secure private e-mail server. Some people who have their own private email might try to find the best vpn in canada or around the world to help protect themselves online. Either the mighty cyber-arsenal had been instructed to look the other way and ignore the use of Clinton’s private server or they simply were not doing their jobs effectively, and our mighty cyber-arsenal is not as mighty as they make it out to be. Some people find that using something like PCI scanning could help with cybersecurity.

Excluding the Obama, Clinton, Podesta and Mills, the Alt-left mainstream media using their mighty investigative journalist pools of highly intelligent journalists with a passion for presenting the truth, using its self-stated mission of holding government accountable would have uncovered this and rung multiple alarm bells as they published Pulitzer Prize winning breaking, explosive news with headlines like: “POTUS and Clinton are floundering security protocols and exposing out national secrets to the world.”

Either way with all the checks and balances we have in place it would have been an easy and straight forward task to secure the DNC, POTUS and Clinton.

As reported by the NYT: “The National Security Agency and its military cousin, the United States Cyber Command, which is responsible for computer-network warfare, have worked up other ideas, officials said, though some have been rejected by the Pentagon.”

If you recall Obama in his first year in office, reached for some of the most sophisticated cyber-weapons on earth to blow up parts of Iran’s nuclear facilities, yet failed to deploy the world-class arsenal of cyber-weapons assembled at a cost of billions of dollars to protect our networks and communications safe during the 2016 presidential elections.

Mr. Obama stated that he first heard about the attack on the Democratic National Committee “early last summer,” or nine months after the F.B.I. first alerted low-level D.N.C. officials about what had happened.

Looks like Mr. Obama has not been taking his daily security briefings.

Hopefully under a Trump administration our world-class, National Security Agency, the United States Cyber Command, Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation and our billion dollar cyber-weapons will be deployed to protect our electoral processes, systems and secrets.

Lastly lets see if the Alt-left mainstream media hell bent on insulting Trump will unleash their mighty investigative reporting skills to hold the aforementioned government departments on the straight and narrow during Trump’s presidency.

Say no to Hacked Hacks.

Hacked Hack Hillary Clinton
Hacked Hack Hillary Clinton
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