Seattle Councilwoman Calls for Protesters to Shut Down Trump’s Inauguration

    Seattle Councilwoman Calls
    Seattle Councilwoman Calls

    Seattle Councilwoman Calls for Protesters to Shut Down Trump’s Inauguration

    Kshama Sawant tells protesters to shut down Trump’s inauguration.
    Seattle protesters are vowing to shut down Donald J. Trump’s inauguration, encouraged by Councilmember Kshama Sawant.

    Seattle Councilwoman Calls

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    1. The military will stop this! She needs fired! This is what happens when you give foreigners any power! Deport her back to where she came from;

      • Love that comment Dr. Jay…!!!!
        Looks your remedy happened Election Night on a national basis. Too bad this state has so many brain dead citizens who don’t actually study the issues before they vote.

    2. A great example of Liberal non-tolerance, non-acceptance, and hate. This kind of radicalism will only fuel more violence and help to support and solidify the new power in Washington DC. Amazing hate spewing from someone who should not be representing the ever-crumbling city of Seattle. She is just one example of Seattle politicians helping to bring us all down. Sawant and her minions should move to Cuba where housing is cheap and they have better health care (according to like-minded Michael Moore)…..move there and find something to really protest.

      • I agree with all you said AJ. I also feel Seattle as a Sanctuary City probably fears a loss of Federal funds. If all the Sanctuary Cities were forced to obey the Feds, They would have to protest in person instead of asking George Soros to fund the violent mobs again.