POLL: Hillary Clinton for: Prison / President?

    Hillary Clinton Prison / President
    Hillary Clinton Prison / President
    Hillary Clinton: Prison / President?

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    Moments after the FBI’s director James Comey announced the effective re-opening of the Clinton email investigation, Donald Trump seized the moment to go for the jugular at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, calling the announcement “bigger than Watergate”.

    Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server (at times kept in her own basement…) has obviously been a big story during this campaign and for a variety of obvious, yet stupid, reasons, the discussion has become ridiculously partisan. What people should be able to admit on all sides of the debate is that Clinton’s use of a private email server was incredibly stupid and, at the very least, calls into serious question the judgment of whoever told her this was okay. It also, almost certainly, put serious information at risk of being exposed through hacks. But, earlier this year, the FBI came out and said that it didn’t actually break the law. There was a bit of the old “high court, low court” to this whole setup, because you could see how someone with much less fame or status would be nailed to the wall by the DOJ if they wanted to put that person away.

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