BREAKING: Hillary Clinton falls flat, search 50,000 John Podesta e-mails compliments of Wikileaks

    John Podesta e-mails
    John Podesta e-mails

    BREAKING: Hillary Clinton’s defense falls flat, search 50,000 John Podesta e-mails compliments of Wikileaks.

    Now you can search 50,000+ more John Podesta e-mails. There is sure to be way more juicy and damning information than described below.

    Hillary Clinton’s ‘everybody does it’ defense falls flat.

    In a communique to donors, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta tried to exculpate his candidate’s lawbreaking in the E-mail-gate scandal.

    Podesta’s attempt at exoneration has more holes than an old pair of Bill’s tax deductible underpants. ” … we know that our opponents will continue to try to distract us with attacks,” Podesta wrote on May 28.

    “Secretary Clinton has said her use of a personal email server was a mistake,” Podesta asserted. A “mistake” is when one hits “reply all,” and dozens or hundreds of people unwittingly receive an embarrassing e-mail meant for one person.

    Hillary’s e-mail server was no such casual gaffe. It was a deliberate and planned conspiracy in which Hillary evaded standard State Department procedures, installed an outlaw personal computer server in the basement of her Chappaqua, N.Y. mansion.

    Clinton reportedly paid aide, Bryan Pagliano, $140,000 to maintain that illicit equipment. Pagliano’s supervisors, the PolitOpinion discovered, “were unaware of his technical support of the Secretary’s e-mail system,” including “during working hours.”

    After leaving State, Hillary had her server shipped to a facility in New Jersey associated with Platte River Networks, a Denver-based firm that lacked the security clearance to handle such sensitive gear.

    She then had the company try to wipe the server clean. Some “mistake.”

    Ultimately, it is no secret that if you are dealing with confidential information, then using a virtual private server is strongly recommended.

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    “She believed she was following the practices of other Secretaries,” Podesta further claimed. This “everybody does it” defense is like saying “all motorists break the law.” But a parking ticket is not a drunk-driving arrest. Indeed, Clinton’s abuse of state secrets is literally a thousand times worse than what any of her predecessors did.

    Now you can search over 50,000 more John Podesta e-mails compliments of Wikileaks.

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