Social Media Neutrality Panel – A Very Important Speech By Pamela Geller in DC That Concerns Everyone Reading This Post


    Social Media Neutrality Panel – A Very Important Speech By Pamela Geller in DC That Concerns Everyone Reading This Post

    LIVE: RSBN at Social Media Neutrality Panel in Washington DC 2/6/17

    ***RSBN’S Margaret Howell will be on the panel to talk about the censorship we here at RSBN have experienced***

    On Tuesday, February 6, 2018, at 1:00 pm (ET) at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. thought leaders and prominent voices in alternative media will gather for a panel discussion on social media neutrality and the fight for diversity of voices online.

    Although, social media can be a crucial tool for businesses. You can even schedule social media posts so it’s also an easy tool to manage. Businesses can make use of many of the features of social media. Messaging is one of the features that businesses enjoy, because customers can directly send them questions that can be answered a lot quicker than an email. There is a range of social media platforms, but one of the most popular for businesses is Instagram. Instagram, in recent years, has grown to be one of the best social media platforms to help with audience engagement and online presence. It also has a wide variety of social media growth tools, similar to nitreo which help businesses who struggle to grow their brand and expand their reach to potential customers. This means that Instagram not only gives businesses a diverse audience but also helps them to reach that audience. To keep up with your messages on your business’ Instagram account, you may want to consider downloading a desktop application from ig dm to allow you to reply on your computer.

    Despite social media being extremely useful for some businesses, it’s not so positive for other industries. For starters, Instagram and its tools can be bad news. In fact another one of its tools Kicksta were reported to the BBB. If you are going to use thing like these it is always better to read online reviews about them before you use them yourself. A more well known negative affect of social media is silencing. This event will feature several prominent online conservative and moderate voices who have been impacted by social media bias, shadow banning and other methods meant to silence voices and limit readers and viewers access to information. Panelists will discuss political bias by Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and by search engines such as Google.

    A Harvard University study published on August 16, 2017, analyzed both mainstream and social media coverage of the 2016 election cycle. The study clearly shows that modern conservatives in America today have wholeheartedly rejected the liberal mainstream media. The 2016 election cycle was the first election cycle where conservatives used alternative media news sources to gather information rather than turning to traditional mainstream outlets. Conservative Americans abandoned the mainstream media in 2016 and will not be returning anytime soon. This paradigm shift forced left-wing tech-giants to take action.

    Tech giants today understand they have the ability to influence what information consumers see through their complex, and non-public, algorithms. Often this power is abused. Several conservative outlets and countless individuals have been targeted, shadow-banned, and silenced by these tech giants. By silencing these voices, big-tech is limiting the information available to the American public and is a direct assault on First Amendment rights.

    The time for transparency is now!

    Tuesday’s panelists include Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit, Pamela Geller of The Geller Report, Margaret Howell of Right Side Broadcasting, Oleg Atbashian from The People’s Cube, Tech entrepreneur Marlene Jaeckel and special video remarks by Michelle Malkin and James O’Keefe.

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