Hey Ellen Degeneres – Why Aren’t You Interviewing These Two Heroes?


    Hey Ellen Degeneres – Why Aren’t You Interviewing These Two Heroes?

    Hey @EllenD_world
    Why don’t you have these TWO AMAZING BRAVE HEROES on your show?
    Tina Ring and her daughter, Ashley Lee.

    GRAPHIC VIDEO: Liquor store owner recounts robbery that led to shooting

    As a masked man pointed a shotgun at Tina Ring, demanding money, all she could think about was the safety of her daughter, Ashley Lee.

    Ring, 53, and Lee, 30, were working Thursday night at the family’s liquor store, Forest Acres Liquor, when the man entered the store and told the mother and daughter to hand over money from the cash register.

    “I didn’t want him to hurt my daughter,” Ring told the Tulsa World on Friday. “That was my main thought.”

    The confrontation ended when Ring and Lee shot the robber, later identified by police as Tyrone Lee, several times. Tyrone Lee has no relation to Ashley Lee.

    He was in the hospital as of late Thursday afternoon, according to Tulsa robbery Sgt. Brandon Watkins. Officers initially thought Tyrone Lee’s injuries were life-threatening, but later said his condition improved.

    In the security footage of the robbery, Tina Ring is seen struggling to protect her daughter throughout the event.

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