Remember when Obama promised #transparency meetings on #cspan


    Remember when Obama promised #transparency meetings on #cspan

    President Trump surpassed Obama AGAIN with his PUBLIC MEETING on Immigration. #WINNING

    President Trump has Steny Hoyer ON RECORD stating Democrats want “border security”. Trump will fulfill that promise with a nice big giant wall. President Trump threw the DACA issue back onto the Democrats’ laps. If Democrats do not get a deal done, they’re toast in November 2018. The pressure is on them.

    We’re going to win A LOT. But you can’t win EVERYTHING. I’m sure President Trump is going to get the best deal we possibly can get. You gotta believe. You gotta have faith. The glass is more than half full. President Trump is the 3d Chess master. STOP WHINING Trump supporters. If you can’t take the sausage making, stay out of the kitchen. Remember what we use to have. Don’t cry on hypotheticals.
    Do not undermine the best Conservative President we’ve had in decades. Count your blessings.

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