Black Lives Matter? Give This Man a MEDAL! BRAVO!!!


    Black Lives Matter? Give This Man a MEDAL! BRAVO!!!

    You wonder why Trump got elected? This happened in August 2015. The man is identified as 56 year old Edward Watson of Rochester, NY.

    Where’s the outrage?

    That’s what Edward Watson wanted to know when he disrupted Mayor Lovely Warren during a morning news conference Thursday at the scene of the Boys & Girls Club of Rochester mass shooting that left three people dead and four wounded.

    Last week, a man was shot to death in broad daylight outside a community center, and between then and the mass shooting, six other people were shot on city streets in low-profile incidents that have become so routine they hardly make news anymore.

    Where’s the outrage? Where are the demonstrations? Where are the politicians screaming from the steps of City Hall?

    “If this was a white police officer gunning down three blacks and injuring four, Wilson High School would be on fire and every black leader, every community leader would be up here,” Watson yelled. “Blacks are murdering blacks every 32 hours since June!”

    Watson, a 56-year-old black, lifelong resident of Rochester, was referring to statistics cited in this column on Sunday, which noted that shootings have escalated to the point that someone has been shot on average every 32 hours this summer.

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