Leigh Scott Timeline – Why George Bush Attacked Donald Trump

    Teachable Moment by Leigh Scott
    Teachable Moment by Leigh Scott

    Leigh Scott Timeline – Why George Bush Attacked Donald Trump

    So here’s a timeline that may be of interest…

    On November 29, 1963, J.Edgar Hoover delivers a now declassified memo to President Johnson regarding the assassination and their information to date. In it, he sites a report from “George Bush of the CIA”. President George H.W. Bush denies numerous times that it is him. CIA personnel records indicate that there was another George Bush on the payroll, but that he was a low level analyst and not involved in the JFK investigation.

    In 1976, George H.W. Bush is named Director of the CIA. He is responsible for sharing intelligence with the House Committee on Assassinations, which was looking for information on RFK, JFK, and MLK. At the time, many Representatives criticized Bush and the CIA for lack of transparency and refusal to turn over information.

    In 1992, George H.W. Bush signs the JFK Records Act which calls for the declassification and release of all JFK documents in 2017. Bush is 68 at the time and probably doesn’t think he will live to be 93. Nor does he think a non-establishment President will be the one to make the call to release or retain.

    Between January 2017 and October 2017 numerous members of the intelligence community lobby President Trump NOT to release the documents. In September 2017, President George W. Bush personally lobbies Trump to hold back the documents.

    A week or two ago, President Trump told the National Archives to set up the website and start preparing the documents. He also called W personally to tell him that he was going to let them all out.

    On October 19, 2017 George W. Bush gives a scathing speech attacking President Trump.

    While most agree that there will not be a “smoking gun” in these files, or proof of a conspiracy, they will undoubtedly have some revelations that will make many people uncomfortable.

    Here’s what we can expect.

    -Details about the Kennedy connections to the Mafia.
    -Further tales of sexual exploits of both RFK and JFK
    -Government ineptitude regarding the investigation as well as handling of Cuba
    -Conflict between Federal Agencies and the Dallas Police. This will only add fuel to the fire regarding Las Vegas, as the CIA and FBI direct and control the information that the Dallas PD are able to release.
    -Detailed connections between the Mafia and Communists and members of the government and entertainment industry at the time. Including people like Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, and Peter Lawford.
    -Private, candid correspondence between Johnson and his subordinates that will take away some of the false narrative around him and his Presidency.
    -Personal and embarrassing details about Jacqueline Kennedy and her drug use and sex life.

    In summary, these documents will show that government is rather inept and they will demystify the entire Camelot era.

    That, of course, is the last thing the Establishment and the Left want to happen in the middle of this Populist uprising. Both the myth of the Kennedys and the myth of government competence are essential to their agenda.

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