Simple Solution by Leigh Scott

    Simple Solution
    Simple Solution

    Simple Solution – by Leigh Scott

    Here’s a really simple solution to all of the conflicts in our country.

    Every white person droning on and on about “white privilege” should simply use that white privilege to open up a business. It’s not hard if you’re white? Right? You have privilege, so take a Saturday afternoon and start one.

    Then, only hire people of color, gay and trans people as your staff. Since business people are all greedy, simply don’t be greedy. Apply all of your wonderful socialist ideas and systems to your own business! Since socialism has only failed because of people like Stalin, just don’t be Stalin. Ignore the minimum wage laws and pay your people a “living wage”. And pay everyone the same. From your managers down to your lowest skilled positions. Equality is important and very appreciated. If you have a coffee shop, as an example, simply pay each employee $30/hr. Record and actually take considerable note of your employee engagement metrics to measure so you’re able to hear of their concerns and feedback, as well as have the ability to offer to be a more connected workforce for more productive business days, it’s not all about who your employees are, it’s also about how you are to your workforce too.
    Oh, and make sure you provide them with health insurance at the highest level. It’s a human right and now you’re in the position to make sure people get those rights! To top it all off, you’ll want to choose A Payroll option that’s good for HR and payroll, regarding ease of use as well as keeping good management and organization of your employees, all while being compliant with business regulations and laws.

    If everyone got off of social media and did this, obviously simple thing, the country would be perfect.
    Do it for your beliefs. Do it to spite Drumpf!
    Utopia is just a few hours away!

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