President Trump’s Leadership Tactic by Leigh Scott

    President Trump's Leadership Tactic by Leigh Scott
    President Trump's Leadership Tactic by Leigh Scott

    President Trump’s Leadership Tactic by Leigh Scott

    One of, if not the best skill to have in business is the ability to make others think that YOUR ideas came from them.

    It’s a leadership tactic and only works if you are goal oriented and have long term vision.

    Which, clearly, the President does.

    His top advisor is a film producer who built up the number one conservative website and is a master of the internet. Even more than real estate, Trump is a master of marketing and branding. He gets money just to put his name on things.

    So the idea that a bunch of cranks like Louise Mensch and inexperienced buzzfeed children who now work at CNN would be ahead of these guys, or capable of anything besides destroying themselves and the people that hire them is ludicrous. You have to believe that Trump is a dummy, they are disorganized, they don’t know what they are doing and that the worlds of film, real estate and network television production are significantly easier to master than journalism or politics.

    The opposite is true.

    We know that the media will not miss a chance to slam Trump. We also know that they will do all the can to cover for the Democrats and Clintons, through lies or omission. We saw this throughout the campaign.

    So Trump running around and firing all guns at the Dems will do nothing. The GOP lacks the spine to back him up on a process level. He can’t just have Sessions start going after these criminals or have the House and Senate start investigating. The Clintons have been beating THAT system for 40 years. And the Democrats have been manipulating it for much longer than that.

    Instead, everything that’s happening is Trump patiently re-directing the conversation into the direction that he wants. He is letting the media and the left hang themselves because they are leading the public to what Trump wants you to see. And they are setting the standards for what is bad and what is acceptable.

    You’d have to be extra silly to think that Don Jr. and Co. didn’t know that the meeting was suspicious. And they held onto that info until the time was right. They are willing to take hits in the short term to reach the ultimate goal.

    Everything leads to these issues, which Trump has the goods and evidence for, but needs to let the public discover them THROUGH the mainstream media and Democrat idiots.

    -The Obama Administration, including Obama used NSA and CIA surveillance techniques to try and get info on the Trump campaign to use against them in the general election. This makes Watergate look like a little baby. The fake email server “pinging” Russia, this meeting with the lawyer through the goofy pop star and a couple of other events were manufactured to give them the probable cause to use the surveillance.

    -The Ukrainian government aided the Clintons and the DNC to create the Russia story. Additionally, they laundered money from the UN to the Clintons. They wanted a tough US policy against Russia.

    -The Clinton Foundation was a pay for play operation that illegally traded US policy for cash to pay for Chelsea’s wedding and the Clinton lifestyle.

    -Russia didn’t hack the DNC or Podesta. The DNC was an inside job and the leaker met a questionable end.

    -Benghazi was a CIA front and was illegally shipping weapons to known terrorists.

    -Several Republicans like John McCain, Evan McMullen and others conspired with Democrats and the Obama administration in attempts to defeat and weaken Trump. In addition to personally disliking him and being offended by an outsider in their ranks, these guys are complicit in many Obama administration illegal activities like Benghazi and Syria.

    -Many wealthy individuals in the US and UK and members of both governments are involved in human trafficking and underage sexual activities.

    It will all come out, but it’s being methodically structured. The public has to be eased into it. Otherwise, the weasels will escape and, once again, real crimes will go unpunished.

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    1. “It will all come out, but it’s being methodically structured. The public has to be eased into it. Otherwise, the weasels will escape and, once again, real crimes will go unpunished.”

      Exactly. These are some very serious, inter connected, dots in play here.
      I’ve worked close enough with prosecutors an prosecutions to know the obvious – Big fish need a huge, very sharp, multi-tallowed hook and a heavy line. Sessions et al are on this.

      Buy more popcorn and chill.