Hey Snopes! Are you ready to change your “FACT CHECK”?


    Hey Snopes! Are you ready to change your “FACT CHECK”?

    Snopes was quick to judge CNN (Choreographed News Network) as not manufacturing fake news. Well, new video has surfaced. SNOPES has EGG on it’s face ONCE AGAIN pushing “FAKE FACTS”!

    Snopes reports:
    The small group of Muslims at the demonstration (actually a vigil, according to the participants, who were there of their own volition) asked police for permission to cross the police barrier to be photographed. The police assented and escorted them into position. The shot was “arranged” only to the extent necessary to fit the group into the camera frame.

    The video says differently.

    This is CNN – Choreographed News Network

    Additional footage of the staged sympathetic Muslim rally supporting London and condemning the attacks has surfaced.

    In this footage you clearly see the people who eventually make their way in front of the CNN cameras just milling around on a street corner. You see them handed signs by white guys and then brought across the police tape where flowers, flowers THEY NEVER HAD, were placed at their feet.

    This is outrageous and it’s being swept under the prayer rug.

    The SNOPES report.

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