Thin Skinned CNN Don Lemon Cuts His Show Off Early (VIDEO)


    Thin Skinned CNN Don Lemon Cuts His Show Off Early and you will love the reason why. TRUMP WINS AGAIN!

    CNN’s Don Lemon cut off the last segment of his own program early Friday night after Paris Dennard called the subject he was supposed to be participating on as “fake news.”

    Don Lemon had a panel of four – 3 anti-Trumpers and 1 Trump supporter.

    Lemon was leading a discussion about the costs of protecting the First Family, between Melania Trump currently residing in New York and President Trump‘s weekend visits to Mar-a-Lago. Maria Cardona and Karine Jean-Pierre said this is hypocritical because of Trump’s past criticisms of Barack Obama.

    Lemon of course let all his anti-Trump people suck up all the time they wanted to express their anti-Trump sentiments then cut in to get to the one pro-Trumper, Paris Dennard, comment. And that’s when Lemon got TRIGGERED!

    Lemon broke in at the end of Karine Jean-Pierre diatribe, “I want to bring in Paris now. Sorry. Hate to cut you guys short but I want to get it all in before we have to go. Paris, what’s your, what do you think?”

    “I think this is fake news. This is not a news story.” The interruptions and mocking began at that moment.

    Dennard got out one line of his rebuttal before getting rudely cut off and talked over, “The president is not breaking any laws, and he’s not doing anything…”

    Lemon interrupted, “Ok Paris. Hold on. Let me ask you this. I’m gonna let you finish (LIE). Do you actually know what the definition of FAKE NEWS is?”

    Dennard answered, “What we’re doing right now.” And it went all downhill from there on out.

    Lemon’s Lib brain imploded with, “Please stop it with that stupid talking point ‘that is a fake news story’. If don’t want to participate in the news stories on this network, then don’t come on and participate. But don’t call them fake because you don’t agree with them. Go on,” as he addressed Dennard.

    “Don… this is a fake news story in my opinion because the underlining assumption is that…” And that’s where Lemon immediately cut him off, abruptly ending the show. The look on Lemon’s face at the end is PRICELESS. WATCH THE VIDEO.

    And now you know how to shut thin-skinned Don Lemon up – just call his CNN show FAKE NEWS. VERY FAKE NEWS. TRUMP WON AGAIN. 😉

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