Working Class Guys School Shia LaBeouf and Hollywood LibTards #HeWillNotDivideUs


    Working Class Guys School Shia LaBeouf and Hollywood LibTards #HeWillNotDivideUs

    Let me back up. I didn’t know about the Shia LaBeouf protest, where it was or what happened. I’m now uncovering the story with several COMMENTARY VIDEOS. This whole post is FILLED with NSFW LANGUAGE! You’ve been warned.

    Apparently LIBERAL actor Shia LaBeouf lead a protest with a bunch of people who seemed to be POSSESSED into a CULT-LIKE CHANT of “He will not divide us.” It is AMAZINGLY CREEPY and eerily reminiscent of the Charles Manson CULT Family.
    Were they speaking about Obama? Where the hell have they been for the past 8 years? And I actually AGREE with their CHANT. Trump will NOT DIVIDE US. He will eventually UNITE this country with policies that will bring back jobs, our economy and respect in the world if we are not too far off the cliff from the decades of political hacks. The only way we will be divided is by the LUNATIC LEFT that chants “he will not divide us.”

    Who is Shia LaBeouf? He’s a 30 year old actor who became known among younger audiences as Louis Stevens in the Disney Channel series Even Stevens. I guess he became famous in all the Transformer movies and the later Indiana Jones films.
    In 2017 he will portray the legendary tennis player John McEnroe, in the Swedish sports drama Borg vs. McEnroe. Maybe he was role playing with his epic rant against Trump.

    From Esquire:
    Shia LaBeouf was arrested early Thursday morning on suspicion of assault, following an alleged altercation in New York. The actor has been stationed outside the Museum of the Moving Image since Inauguration Day as part of his most recent art project-a four-year anti-Trump live-stream entitled He Will Not Divide Us, which aims to combat the division caused by the new president.

    I’ll let Mark Dice show you the meltdown and the arrest.

    The FEATURED video here has TWO New Yorkers putting their 2 cents in on it all. NSFW – enjoy!

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