Remember Obama Trashing Trump – Magic Wand? (VIDEO)


    Remember Obama Trashing Trump – Magic Wand?

    Remember When Obama Mocked Trump Over Promise To Keep Carrier Jobs In America? (VIDEO)

    What a contrast between a preening, self-important do-nothing vs Donald Trump. Trump clearly stated we can and we WILL, begin the process of keeping American jobs in America.

    Here Barack Obama mocks such an idea. He is an elitist who cares nothing for the working men and women of this country. And attempts to ridicule those who do. Share this video with others. More need to know that after eight years of this kind of feckless, spineless, anti-American “leadership”, we can and WILL do better with Donald Trump as our President.

    Barack Obama is so clearly clueless here. His eight years are marked by a man who had NO real-world experience in simply getting things done, and the nation has been left much the worse because of it. He mocks the idea of negotiation because he has no comprehension of how to actually negotiate – especially in the interest of the American people.

    After securing an Election Day victory, it took Donald Trump less than three weeks to negotiate with Carrier to keep at least a thousand jobs in America – something Barack Obama was incapable of doing in eight years.

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