Is quality investigative journalism in America dead?

    investigative journalism
    investigative journalism

    Is quality investigative journalism in America dead?

    On Friday last week the Reuters announced that the U.S. State Department had confirmed the U.S. has been selling visas and false identification documents, including birth certificates for the last decade at a cost of $6,000 each to anyone that wants them.

    You can read more on this here.

    Run by a criminal network that for a decade issued illegally obtained authentic U.S. visas until it was shut down this summer, the sham embassy was housed in a run-down, pink two-storey building with a corrugated iron roof and flew a U.S. flag outside. Inside hung a portrait of President Barack Obama.

    Interesting? Not to Mainstream or Alt-left media, they decided to unleash the minds of their top investigative journalists on an epic investigation on something way more dirty to answer the question “Does Madonna Have Butt Implants?”

    Do not get me wrong, there is definitely a place for stories about celebrities and other showbiz gossip. However, I cannot help but think that there are more important issues going on in the world that deserve our attention. To be honest, I have been thinking about pursuing a career in journalism for some time now.

    Some of my best friends are Freelance editors so I must remember to ask them for some advice on how to break into this competitive industry. To be honest, one thing that appeals to me about a career as a writer is the ability to work from home.

    As long as you have access to a computer and an internet connection, almost anyone can work from home as a writer, and therefore journalism jobs are increasingly being offered with work from home incentives.

    What do you think? Do political stories deserve more coverage? Or does showbiz gossip reign supreme? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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