Comcast Workers Causing Winter Accidents? – WHO’S FAULT? (POLL)

Comcast Workers Causing Winter Accidents? – WHO’S FAULT? (POLL)

Comcast Workers
Comcast Workers
Who's at FAULT?

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Comcast Workers Causing Winter Accidents? – WHOSE FAULT? (POLL)

YouTuber Amish Hacker posted this video with the following commentary:

12/13/16 – One vehicle slide off hit a Comcast box in Indianapolis. Comcast repair trucks parked on the road and placed 4-5 cones at the bottom of the hill they were working at. This caused 5 slide-offs. This is not the first commercial accident that they have been involved with recently and therefore something needs to be done to prevent any more potential personal injury cases in the future. I personally warned another arriving Comcast truck of the slide-offs and danger of parking at the bottom of the hill. He blew me off because he “had a job to do”. Minutes later there was a crash because of the blocked lane. Multiple people were placed in danger. This is how truck accident cases begin and cause many problems for other drivers and pedestrians. Accidents involving large vehicles like trucks can be particularly devastating but the causes are not always purely due to road conditions. There are cases in which a driver’s bad health causes an accident; problems including a variety of conditions from obesity to hypertension can all contribute. Even after the accident happened in front of them, they continued to work not changing any of their “safety” procedures. They showed ZERO concern for the safety of people before or after the accidents. This is the kind of case that a legal firm like lamber goodnow would look at carefully, but it seems simple enough to an outsider’s eye. Acting this unsafely and causing these accidents is cause for deep concern about the protocols within Comcast’s organization.

Comcast Workers

People at the scene got out their own barriers and directed traffic while Comcast finished and left the scene.

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Comcast Workers Ignore They Are Causing Accidents? – WHOSE FAULT? Take the PolitOpinion POLL

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