Donald Trump Launches Major Twitter Campaign Ahead of Debates with #BigLeagueTruth


    Breitbart: Donald Trump has launched a social media campaign to help supporters keep the media honest for the next presidential debate with the hashtag #BigLeagueTruth. Supporters can act as a quick response team to debunk false accusations by the Clinton campaign, the moderators and the media.

    Supporters can go to the #BigLeagueTruth Team website and sign up. Receive and re-post messages from the Trump campaign to counter the left-wing narrative of both the media and the Clinton campaign.

    “We cannot count on the rigged MSM to bring the truth to the American people,” the message at the website informs visitors.

    “I need you to help me speak directly to the hard-working Americans who want to take our country back,” it continues.


    “Join the Big League Truth Team and help fact check Crooked Hillary LIVE during the debates,” the message concludes.

    Breitbart spoke to a campaign digital staffer with knowledge of the operation, and he noted that #BigLeagueTruth was a great success with its maiden run during the vice presidential debate.


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