WOW! Woman Says, “This Guy Is Crazy!” (VIDEO)

WOW! Woman Says, “This Guy Is Crazy!” (VIDEO)

Crazy Tim Kaine
Crazy Tim Kaine
WOW! Woman Who Served With Tim Kaine On City Council Says, “This Guy Is Crazy!” (VIDEO)
And notice how quickly the C-Span host moves on to the next caller with absolutely no follow up regarding the woman’s personal and up close experience with Mr. Kaine, a man Hillary Clinton chose as next in line to be Leader of the Free World.

The lack of journalistic curiosity is astounding when it comes to Democrats! Crazy Tim Kaine? Yeah, could be…

What are Clinton and Kaine up to? Take a look at the new promotional site ClintonKaine.

Jeremy Peter Green, a 28-year-old who bought the domain for $7.50 in 2011.

Green has had the domain up for sale for $90,000 in exchange for handing over the domain name and control of the site and recently sold the domain to the Trump campaign for $15,000, which is now using the site to troll Hillary Clinton and her running mate, Tim Kaine.
“Clinton’s campaign said they couldn’t afford anywhere near that though, claiming not to have a discretionary budget for this sort of thing, and offered only $2,000.”
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