What do you think happened with Julian Assange? POLL & COMMENT

What do you think happened with Julian Assange? POLL & COMMENT

Julian Assange
Julian Assange

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What do you think happened with Julian Assange?

“We have a great many upcoming publications,” Assange promised, noting that “Our sources have suffered terrible consequences in the United States.” Assange has implied that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was a Wikileaks source.

“There’s been a lot of misquoting of me,” Assange said when asked if his upcoming publications would destroy Hillary Clinton.

“In this particular case, the misquoting has to do with, we want to harm Hillary Clinton, or I want to harm Hillary Clinton.” Assange said that some in the United States want to “personalize” his upcoming publications.

ASSANGE: The next leak will lead to the arrest of Hillary CLINTON. Assange said that the thousands of pages of documents in his possession included ‘significant’ and ‘unexpected’ details about Clinton. Has the Conservative online media blown Assange’s claims out of proportion? Or is Hillary just the “Teflon Con” and nothing will stop her except a November 8th election? And even then, how can we stop her from being elected with a corrupt election?

Did WikiLeak take a page from Donald Trump and rick-roll us? Did Hillary Clinton’s outright death-threat spook Assange? Is Julian Assange pulling a Breitbart and building up the hype and attention so the media can not ignore/dismiss revelations? Or did Assange just pull a Geraldo with Al Capone’s vault? What do you think?

Did this incident ruin any credibility Julian Assange has or had?
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  1. I think they have put more pressure on the Ecuador government. Threats of sanctions or covert hits ,banks , business etc. That would affect more than Assange, it would hurt the population.
    He did seem a little sheepish.

  2. Assange is critical of both candidates. Those of us who support Trump tend to trump up anything we think will be anti-Hillary. I don’t think there will be any October surprises, just more examples of classic Clinton.

    • So do you think Trump supporters took Assange’s claims out of context? Are Trump supporters hoping for a Clinton collapse by some means? And if it doesn’t happen what do you think the election outcome will be?